Interesting Occupations – BodyTalk Practitioner

What does a Body Talk practitioner do?

A BodyTalk Practitioner explores the reasons behind their client’s illness or “dis-ease”.   Using a method of applied kinesiology (muscle testing), and following a comprehensive BodyTalk protocol, the practitioner is able to detect imbalances in their client- be it on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level…Once detected, the practitioner uses various techniques to “fix” these imbalances and bring harmony/homeostasis back to the body, mind and spirit.  The techniques are non-invasive and the session is extremely relaxing for the client.  Most of my clients feel less stressed, heal from various illnesses and are much more happy and confident with themselves.

What attracted you to the position?

In 2003, I wanted to find a modality that was more than just a band-aid solution to my family’s and client’s problems.  I had taken 3 levels of Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, and was a certified reflexologist (and studying nutrition at that time) but found the sesssions didn’t produce long lasting results or really go to the core issues of the problem.  My own sons who were very small at the time had several food allergies and gastrointestinal problems so I needed to find a therapy that would help them but not just cover up the symptoms.

How did you come to this position?

I was working in a Naturopathic/Chiropractic clinic where allergy elimination techiques were used (NAET) amongst other modalities,  and I noticed that many clients were not experiencing long lasting results from the treatments.  I realized there was something missing from those treatments – exploring the root cause of the allergies.  I went on a search for a truly holistic modality that could get to the root of these issues.  When I found out from a friend in Calgary about the effectiveness of Bodytalk and that it really went to the core of so many issues, I was intrigued and needed to learn more. I went onto the International BodyTalk Association’s website ( and took a look. I signed up for the first 4 day course without even having experienced a BodyTalk session!

Did you need to study a certain course?

Yes.  The BodyTalk System offers a four day intensive course that is designed for those that want to become practitioners called Module One and Two.  The requirements to become a practitioner are that you need to take these modules twice (the second time at a discount) and perform 50 case studies (sessions for non-paying clients).  On the day of certification, a written AND practical exam are done in the presence of an instructor.  The expectations are set very high and you need a very high percentage to pass (90% I believe).

After Module One/Two , a practitioner can take other modules.  There are 9 basic modules and 2 “university” levels of BodyTalk (Called Parama College) along with many other courses (“Chinese Medicine for BodyTalkers” is one such course).  I have the 9 basic modules as well as 3 other BodyTalk courses and will soon complete the first Parama level.

It should be noted that there is a one day class for laypeople called “BodyTalk Access”.  In this class you learns the 5 most important BT techniques so you can use them for yourself and family.  Its offered in Hong Kong on a regular basis.  Laypeople can also take the regular Modules (1-9 and Parama) if you do not want to become a practitioner.  There are many people that take them just for personal growth.  Taking these classes is a journey of self-discovery!

What do you love about your job?

Many things… I’m a people person- I love the interaction I have with children, their parents and other adults.  I love being a witness to the power of the body to heal itself given the right opportunities.  I love being a facilitator in the healing process for my clients. I’ve had many clients who’ve had amazing results with BodyTalk sessions.  Crohn’s , Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Depression, ADHD and Aspergers- improvements could be seen and felt quickly.  BodyTalk practitioners assist the client’s body to heal itself-this is something I tell my clients all the time so that they know its the wisdom of THEIR body that does the work.  I’ve also had clients whose illness didn’t get better but their attitude to having the illness changed tremendously- it just didn’t bother them as much.

What are some of the negatives?

There aren’t really any negatives!  Well, maybe becoming too busy that I feel a bit guilty for spending time away from my own family!

Any advice for those considering becoming a Body Talk practitioner?

BodyTalk is the fastest growing modality in the world.  The courses are jam-packed with so much information that it will truly blow you away and expand your consciousness.  Anyone can take these courses!  You don’t need any specialty training, although many practitioners of other modalities take it.  A basic knowledge of anatomy would be beneficial but not needed. BodyTalk is taught all over the world in many different languages.  It is used in schools, clinics, hospitals, orphanages, business organizations and many others. Please visit to get an idea how far-reaching this modality has spread.

Come in for a  session too!  Those that say they read about it on the WIC website will receive $200 off a session. Reg. price $600.

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