Fun Fact on Chinese Culture:

Some cultures view ³time² as something they can control, while others view ³time² as being beyond their control. Western cultures view time as being limited and fixed, and feel they need to be in control of their time, whereas more fatalistic cultures, like Chinese cultures, view time as being fluid, and beyond their own control.

 So for example, if a western person is late for a meeting or for work, they are usually apologetic, and will take full responsibility for being
late, even if they were delayed by unforeseen circumstances. Whereas when those from Chinese culture are late, they feel that other unpredictable forces (such as traffic) are responsible for delaying them, and often don¹t take the responsibility onto themselves. By the same token, they are also very tolerant of others who are late.

 Often to the annoyance of their western colleagues, it is not uncommon for someone from Hong Kong or China to regularly arrive work 10 or 15 minutes late every morning or after their lunch break, and not feel the need to take any responsibility to change or correct this habit, as they often do not believe the circumstances to do so is within their control.

 Anita Moorjani
Rent A Local


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