Where are they now? – Joyce Fricsay-Cioaca

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hong Kong born and bred, speak Cantonese thanks to my old Chinese Amah who raised me when my mother had to go back to work after I was born. No matter how I tried to get this place out of my system, I was ultimately driven to return by a higher power. Lived on the island for my first 11 years and then moved to DB when it first opened. Went to hotel school, worked in hotels for 10 years in HK and Shanghai, then did 9 years in marketing and project management at a US consumer goods giant before moving back here in January 2009. I now work as a one-person who for a Germany company producing primarily bags in China.

How long has it been since you visited DB?

Probably about 13 years

When and where did you live in DB?

From August 1981 at 19B Seahorse Lane until February 1994, although I had a flat in the “Greens” for the 3 years before I left

What school did you attend?

Glenealy Junior School and Island School

What are your fondest memories?

Countless great memories of growing up in Hong Kong and being part of one of the first teenage crews at DB. Oh the joys of sitting in a Park N Shop trolley at the top of the hill outside the residents’ club and have a friend push and let go of it whilst you tear down the hill towards Seahorse Lane with no brakes

Was is it difficult living on Lantau Island?

It was a pretty far-out thing to do in every sense of the word! There weren’t many of us at the beginning – my parents had bought their flat before DB officially opened and for the first year or so there was no supermarket (only Chinese market), a rusty pontoon for the ferry pier and 50 other families in the whole DB. I even remember walking over to Nim Shue Wan where I believe the Marina now is, when it was still a tiny fishing village and not yet a part of DB.

Why did you leave and where are you living now?

I left in 1994 to move to Shanghai and now live in Kowloon West since a year.


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