Living Your Wildest Dreams

Women in Charge presents a special one-hour presentation with Julie Lewis on empowering women to unlock their true potential, and “take action”.

WIC &Julie Lewis present Living Your Wildest Dreams

Come along and meet Julie Lewis on our first two WIC talks for June. Julie runs Mountain High, a company which offers a diverse range of challenges, retreats and personal development programmes for women that engages the mind, body and spirit. For women who dare to let their imagination run free in their desire to explore the wonderful world around them.

Julie has made a difference in the lives of many and could do the same for you, unleashing your desire to live your wildest adventure dreams. Julie Lewis’ goal is to encourage, inspire and motivate as many people as possible to step out of their comfort zone, take charge of their health and well being, connect with different cultures and discover their true potential by connecting with nature through adventure travel and her Power of Three retreats.

Do you dare to let your imagination run free in your desire to explore the wonderful world around you? Come and listen to Julie Lewis at the Discovery Bay Golf Club. She will empower you to unleash your natural confidence and share stories, pictures and footage of hundreds of women achieving the extraordinary in the spirit of adventure!

Julie has lead, trained and managed multi-national teams of women & men on adventure challenges and expeditions to Borneo, Nepal, Lebanon, Iran, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, South Africa, Kerala, Morocco, The Arctic, Oman, Tibet, Peru and many more!

Her passion, enthusiasm and energy have been the catalyst for personal change in her clients’ lives. Don’t miss out on this amazing talk – learn to kick your procrastination habit and come and join us!

Most of her projects have had a humanitarian or health related theme to them and Julie’s projects have addressed osteoporosis, breast cancer, diabetes and heart disease. She is also linked to schools and orphanage projects in Sri Lanka and Africa. As a result of her work Julie was nominated for the Emirates Woman of the Year Award in 2005 and this year she has been nominated for the International Business Women’s Achievement Award.

Julie has infectious energy, passion and enthusiasm. She is an authentic presenter with a strong personal interest in unlocking people’s true potential. She has made several television appearances, enjoys wide media coverage and has been a regular guest on several radio programmes in the UAE, where Julie used to live before coming to Hong Kong. Julie has also written for various lifestyles and travel magazines. Come and listen to Julie Lewis at the Discovery Bay Golf Club – prepare to be INSPIRED!


Venue:             DB Golf Club

Session 1:        Tuesday 15th June from 10am-11am, or

Session 2:        Monday 21st June from 7pm-8pm

Transport:       Buses from the Plaza run at 9:40am and 6:40pm respectively

HK$150 for WiC members

HK$300 for non-members.

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