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What are we reading this week?

April 17, 2010

Little Voice Mastery

by Blair Singer


About a month ago I realized that I had my head in the sand a bit. I have a lot of change happening in my business at the moment.  I find it easy that with all of the new tasks on top of my old tasks that I can get overwhelmed when something unexpected blows up.  When it gets to be too much, I just want to hide.  Push the big Pause Button and block out all the stuff I didn’t get done and that is still rattling around in my head.  Well, this doesn’t work does it?  When I don’t get things done, my brain wakes me up at 4am to start my to-do list.  This isn’t good because then at 9pm I am exhausted, but need to stay up to make sure that my husband is still my husband and catch up. 

Classic example of a trainer needing some training.  I like to look at myself as well as the people I train physically in yearly as well as monthly and weekly cycles.  There are times of the year that you will naturally want to be fitter; usually the fear of summer and togs inspires that one.  Other times of the year you may feel the need to learn and are drawn to take a course or start reading.  Many of us go through a spiritual cycle where we need to soul search or find a deep connection with God, the Universe, our family, the community or the earth itself. 

My time right now is a time to refocus.  So I started by reading a book on Goal setting. That prompted me to make the best goal of all.  I promised to read 100 pages a day, 4 days a week for 4 weeks.  These books can be fitness or business related.  Wow what a difference!  I feel fired up again! 

At the moment I am reading, “Little Voice Mastery” by Blair Singer.  He is one of Robert Kiyosaki’s (Rich Dad Poor Dad) advisors.

Many of these motivation books are not rocket science and this is not any different.  They are written to remind you of what you already know in a way that teaches you something about yourself.                                       

This book talks about the little voices in your head.  No not the crazy voices, that is another book all together.  These are the little Disney Devil and Angel that used to sit on Donald’s shoulder.  Only not so much about good and evil but rather should I or shouldn’t I.  My 6am alarm went off and I should get up and : go for a run; get up and read; check my emails etc.  Then the other voice says: you were up late you need the sleep more; you can stay in for lunch and get the emails checked; give the belly a pinch and a rub and feel like it is not that bad and can wait till tonight – which you know will never happen.  Sound familiar? 

We all have other people’s voices in our heads as well.  When I was a kid, my mother said I was “mentally retarded in Maths”.  Those were her actual words and I apologize if I offend anyone with the horrible wording but it was the 70’s.  She used these words when talking to the ladies at church about how I was doing in school or to my teachers or to my Dad or to me.  These words in the beginning were meant to somehow motivate me to apply myself and eventually they became a simple fact and a mental and medical condition.  It became an excuse for me to not even try certain things.  I would not take science math or physics, go for pilot’s license in air cadets etc.  Then one day a teacher didn’t buy into it and had me tested.  Turns out I have a very average grasp on maths with no psychological, mental or medical handicap at all.  Well that changed things dramatically!  It turns out that physics really made sense to me, my D average in business maths  went to a B- in one term, organic chemistry in University was even in my grasp. 

An ex boyfriend had once told me that my 58kgs of curves was such a welcome change to the 43kg ballet dancers he usually dated.  What was meant to be a compliment, led to 3 years of anorexia at 42kg (I am also fiercely competitive). 

Without us knowing, little voices are created and our sub conscious listens to them.  This book, “Little Voice Mastery” is a great reminder that we have to tap into our sub conscious and really listen to what is being said in our heads.  We need to bring our awareness to them and deconstruct the ones that are not serving us anymore. 

Blair Singer says “I’m willing to say to anybody that the only thing that stands between me and what I want is between my right ear and my left ear.”

 Check out the Amazon link for a discount on this book.


THE POWER OF A POSITIVE NO (how to say no and still get to yes) – William Ury PH.D

April 10, 2010

Have you ever wondered why most women find it hard to say “no” ? Why is it as a woman we quite often are compelled to give in and do something we do not really wish to do for the sake of hurting somebody’s feelings? Why do we quite often feel insulted by a friend’s “no?”. Is it that the expectation is that your friends will always agree with you and come along because you as a friend will always say “yes”!

Perhaps it is the way we say “no” rather then the no itself, perhaps we do not answer at all in the hope that the other person will forget they asked us or maybe we never say “no” and then build up our frustration with them by avoiding them? The power of a positive no is a brillliant example of how to say ‘no’ positively and get an outcome that suits you both.

This book discusses how important communication is when negotiating – there are some great tips that can obviously help you during working hours but you will be pleasantly surprised how it can also help you with friends and family members. There are many books out there claiming to help you communicate better, but I must say this book was recommended to me and I am glad I picked it up and read it!

I love reading what William Ury has to say as the last book that he co-wrote “getting to yes” gave some great tips also.

Passion and Love

April 6, 2010

The forever inspiring Ana Scherer from NRG Coaching has given the WIC a run down on the finer points of passion and love.

What you put your attention on grows stronger in your life. Imagine for a moment that your life revolves around what you are passionate about; your family, friends, your ideal career, your favorite hobbies, etc. Everything that you do has the element of passion and love involved. How much different would your life be?

Living your passions is the secret to have more joy and love in your life. It seems like an easy thing to do, but let me ask you this: Are you passionate about your work? Are you making time for your favorite hobbies and sports in your life now? Are you spending quality time with your loved ones? How long since you and your partner went out on a passionate date?

The writer Viktor Frankl wrote in his book “ Man’s Search For Meaning” that “The greatest task for any person is to find meaning in his or her life.” We can only find meaning in our lives if we follow our passions. And how do we find our passions? Great question!

First you need to be clear about who you are – what your values are, what’s important to you, what makes you smile, what your strengths are and where your creativity lies. After doing the inner work, you will have clarity and clarity leads to the power to act. The clarity about who you are will lead you to the clarity about what your passions are.

Your passions are the loves of your life. They are the things that are most important to you. When you are living your passions you are aligned with your personal destiny. When you are aligned with your destiny, your life is joyful, delightful, exciting and fulfilling. That’s our natural way of living. That’s the way that leads us to experience true LOVE!

With energy and passion,


Waltraud Bryan – DB’s Leading Lady for March

March 2, 2010

Waltraud Bryan, originally from Germany, has lived in Hong Kong for 26 years. She is a trained Image Consultant with Colour Me Beautiful. Her work includes Make-Up, Colour and Style Consultations, Wardrobe Weeding and Personal Shopping.

Waltraud is experienced in helping women who find clothes shopping challenging, and she is particularly skilled at assisting and educating women with fuller figures to improve their body image. She enjoys growing client confidence in style and dressing.

Waltraud is an experienced speaker and has conducted company workshops and many presentations. Consulting services also include parties for teenage girls and ladies. She is a keen listener, and strives to make her clients feel comfortable and relaxed so that they leave feeling pampered and beautiful.

When she is not working as an Image Consultant, Waltraud designs and makes pearl jewellery and is passionate about baking cakes.

What are we reading this week?

February 22, 2010

Losing My Virginity – Richard Branson The Autobiography

I have to say I am always quite skeptical when reading an autobiography, most of them do not really seek the truth but re-write a life seen through rose-coloured glasses. So with skepticism I picked up this book and started reading it.

To my surprise the book was true Branson style with more than enough flair to light a fire cracker, he comes out full steam ahead from the word “go”.  He is speaking truthfully which is definitely a nice change! I have to admit in parts was quite drawn out and slow, although if you know a thing or two about ballooning then you will love the long drawn out parts.

When I finally put the book down I was definitely inspired to run off and start my own “virgin” brand or perhaps call him up so that he can work his wonders on my own ideas ;-P (more…)

Interesting Occupations – BodyTalk Practitioner

February 20, 2010

What does a Body Talk practitioner do?

A BodyTalk Practitioner explores the reasons behind their client’s illness or “dis-ease”.   Using a method of applied kinesiology (muscle testing), and following a comprehensive BodyTalk protocol, the practitioner is able to detect imbalances in their client- be it on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level…Once detected, the practitioner uses various techniques to “fix” these imbalances and bring harmony/homeostasis back to the body, mind and spirit.  The techniques are non-invasive and the session is extremely relaxing for the client.  Most of my clients feel less stressed, heal from various illnesses and are much more happy and confident with themselves.

What attracted you to the position?

In 2003, I wanted to find a modality that was more than just a band-aid solution to my family’s and client’s problems.  I had taken 3 levels of Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, and was a certified reflexologist (and studying nutrition at that time) but found the sesssions didn’t produce long lasting results or really go to the core issues of the problem.  My own sons who were very small at the time had several food allergies and gastrointestinal problems so I needed to find a therapy that would help them but not just cover up the symptoms.

How did you come to this position?

I was working in a Naturopathic/Chiropractic clinic where allergy elimination techiques were used (NAET) amongst other modalities,  and I noticed that many clients were not experiencing long lasting results from the treatments.  I realized there was something missing from those treatments – exploring the root cause of the allergies.  I went on a search for a truly holistic modality that could get to the root of these issues.  When I found out from a friend in Calgary about the effectiveness of Bodytalk and that it really went to the core of so many issues, I was intrigued and needed to learn more. I went onto the International BodyTalk Association’s website ( and took a look. I signed up for the first 4 day course without even having experienced a BodyTalk session!

Did you need to study a certain course?

Yes.  The BodyTalk System offers a four day intensive course that is designed for those that want to become practitioners called Module One and Two.  The requirements to become a practitioner are that you need to take these modules twice (the second time at a discount) and perform 50 case studies (sessions for non-paying clients).  On the day of certification, a written AND practical exam are done in the presence of an instructor.  The expectations are set very high and you need a very high percentage to pass (90% I believe).

After Module One/Two , a practitioner can take other modules.  There are 9 basic modules and 2 “university” levels of BodyTalk (Called Parama College) along with many other courses (“Chinese Medicine for BodyTalkers” is one such course).  I have the 9 basic modules as well as 3 other BodyTalk courses and will soon complete the first Parama level.

It should be noted that there is a one day class for laypeople called “BodyTalk Access”.  In this class you learns the 5 most important BT techniques so you can use them for yourself and family.  Its offered in Hong Kong on a regular basis.  Laypeople can also take the regular Modules (1-9 and Parama) if you do not want to become a practitioner.  There are many people that take them just for personal growth.  Taking these classes is a journey of self-discovery!

What do you love about your job?

Many things… I’m a people person- I love the interaction I have with children, their parents and other adults.  I love being a witness to the power of the body to heal itself given the right opportunities.  I love being a facilitator in the healing process for my clients. I’ve had many clients who’ve had amazing results with BodyTalk sessions.  Crohn’s , Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Depression, ADHD and Aspergers- improvements could be seen and felt quickly.  BodyTalk practitioners assist the client’s body to heal itself-this is something I tell my clients all the time so that they know its the wisdom of THEIR body that does the work.  I’ve also had clients whose illness didn’t get better but their attitude to having the illness changed tremendously- it just didn’t bother them as much.

What are some of the negatives?

There aren’t really any negatives!  Well, maybe becoming too busy that I feel a bit guilty for spending time away from my own family!

Any advice for those considering becoming a Body Talk practitioner?

BodyTalk is the fastest growing modality in the world.  The courses are jam-packed with so much information that it will truly blow you away and expand your consciousness.  Anyone can take these courses!  You don’t need any specialty training, although many practitioners of other modalities take it.  A basic knowledge of anatomy would be beneficial but not needed. BodyTalk is taught all over the world in many different languages.  It is used in schools, clinics, hospitals, orphanages, business organizations and many others. Please visit to get an idea how far-reaching this modality has spread.

Come in for a  session too!  Those that say they read about it on the WIC website will receive $200 off a session. Reg. price $600.

Interesting Careers – Happiness Coach

February 3, 2010

Shveitta Sethi Sharma – Happiness Coach

Shveitta Sethi Sharma is a Happiness coach and has spent almost half her life travelling around the world in search of an answer to “What is happiness?” This remarkable Woman sat down with the Women in charge team to discuss her interesting career path and passion for making a ‘happier’ world.

 How did you become a Happiness Coach? The whole idea came about as a lark over a breakfast meeting. I had just quit my job and was studying positive psychology and generally trying to understand the meaning of life/happiness. At the breakfast meeting (with media and banking people) I did not have any name cards, so when people asked me what I did, I said (in jest) I bottle happiness, study it and hopefully will one day be able to sell it.

I got many quizzical looks and a lot of interest. Everyone I met that day wanted to find out the secret of happiness. I received the maximum number of name cards of any day with every one asking me to email them once I had figured out the secret to happiness

Something that came about in jest suddenly sounded rather exciting and I decided to pursue the subject in its entirety. I started reading the various self help books available. I read a lot of material by Louise Hay , Esther and Jerry Hicks, Wayne Dawyer amongst many others, and then went on to read Martin Seligman’s and Tal Ben Shahar’s work on Positive Psychology followed by books on Epigenetics by Bruce Lipton and Candace Pert and tried to understand Quantum Physics by reading Greg Braden and Amit Goswami . Then I went on to read some philosophers and a whole lot of spiritual and religious text and attended various seminars, both scientific and spiritual. But the most useful resource turned out to be YouTube and Google. I pretty much found all that I was looking for in the theoretical field and then I started my practical data collection via interviews and Questionnaires.

As I read and researched, I came to the understanding that happiness was a self created and self fulfilling phenomenon. It was something we had a hundred percent control upon.
The next logical question therefore was, ‘If we had a hundred percent control on our happiness, was it possible to develop and exercise that control?

Even though we have a genetic bias towards our determinant state of happiness, I believe that Happiness is a skill and it can surely be developed with the proper exercises and some guidance. 

What does a Happiness Coach do? The job of a happiness coach is to guide one towards a more fulfilling and a positive life by offering the various tools available to raise the happiness set point. As with any other coach, is it a sports coach, a musical instrument coach, a parent or a teacher, the job of the happiness coach is to identify the current level of understanding of the subject and then identify ways of improving the same.

As one of my teacher “Matthieu Ricard” says “Happiness is life’s most important skill and often the most overlooked.

My current position as a Happiness coach therefore came about as a journey inwards into the self and the need to find out the real meaning of happiness for very personal reasons compounded by the immense interest shown by the people when I mentioned I was studying the meaning of happiness.

Did you need to study a certain course? Yes there are courses that one can do to get a degree in ‘happiness’. It goes by the name of MAAP- Masters in Applied Positive Psychology offered by UPenn. But there is so much information available on line that if one truly wants to seek the knowledge for the sake of the knowledge and not the degree, it could be a lifelong endeavor.

I personally chose the path of knowledge and am constantly finding out more and more ways of increasing happiness. 

What do you love about your job? What I love about my job, actually it is not a job, it is a passion. A job is something one does in exchange of money. I have not yet been able to put a price on my passion, but have definitely received a lot in return. At times it has been a profuse thank you, a big hug, an amazing lunch, new friends or cheques in mail varying from 50 HKD to 8000 HKD. So I guess I can’t call it a job, but it is most definitely a calling, so I pretty much love every aspect of my calling. With every new person that I coach, I learn so much more.

 What are some of the negatives? The only negative, if you insist on my naming one would be that sometimes people who are going through a tough time may not seem to understand how it could be possible for someone to teach them how to be happy. They might then think you are trying to sell them into a new ideology which they do not agree with. On the other hand, sometimes if you do offer help, people might impose too much on your time and call you at any time of the night or day.

For those who would consider becoming a Happiness Couch what advice would you give them?For those wanting to become Happiness Coach, the number one thing I would say is Walk your walk and talk your talk. Become happy yourself and then you will automatically attract all that you need to become even more happier. I have met many coaches who preach, but do not follow. I do understand that a coach is not necessarily the best player on the team, but it sure helps to know the game. The more thorough one is in ones chosen subject the more successful one is. To quote Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. Before embarking on coaching others become happy become happier yourself.

Investors In Training

January 27, 2010

The first Investors In Training course concludes in February so we are taking the next intake for the class starting Tuesday 16th March.  If you are a Platinum member this is a free 6 class course designed to assist and educate you as to what the stock market is, how it works, and how it can be used to to take control of your investing futures.

If you are a Gold or Standard member these workshops are at a reduced rate. However, if you are not a member do not fear there is still an opportunity to reap the rewards that Brad can teach you! Just contact WIC  to find out more about signing up as a guest.

Numbers are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment!

Business Brainstorm – Nov

October 27, 2009

This months Business Brainstorm will be held on Tuesday 3rd of November at 7pm. There will be guest speakers so this is definitely one you won’t want to miss.

For more information contact LeAnn

Brand Positioning Workshop

October 26, 2009

“If you haven’t got a brand you haven’t got a business”

Brand Positioning is the critical first step in developing your Brand’s equity. Positioning is the foundation for creating and nurturing your intended message and customer’s perceptions about your brand. It clarifies what the Brand is all about and identifies the optimal position in our customer’s minds for your brand versus the competitors.

It’s said that “A brand is what people say about you when you’re not there.”

Join in on November 3rd and pick up tips that will se your brand on the right track and keep it there.

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