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Top 10 Reasons why you need to make a Will – Numbers 5 to 1

May 27, 2010
5. By making a will, you can name the people or charities you want to benefit. This means that you know exactly how your estate will be divided in the event of your death.

 4. Without a will, you’ll have no control over who inherits what. Your estate might not be shared as you want it to be. Friends and unmarried partners definitely won’t receive anything. So if you want to make sure that your loved ones can benefit from your estate, then you’ll need to make a will.

 3. By having made a will, the legal aspects of dealing with you affairs will be much easier, for all involved.

 2. If you die without a will, you will have died intestate. This means your loved ones could suffer unnecessary financial hardship or additional distress.

 1. If you’re a parent, then you’ll want to make a will to ensure that you say who you want to bring up your children if you die. Without a will, your children become Wards of Court and the courts could decide to appoint someone else to bring up your children.

 Now you know just how important making a will is, isn’t it time you made one and reduced the amount of distress your loved ones will suffer in the event of your death?
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Top 10 Reasons why you need to make a Will – Numbers 10 to 6

May 4, 2010

Why is a Will so important? Check out what Bradley Erasmus founder of Phoenix Wills Ltd has to say.”

Wheres the Will?

10. If you die without a will you will have died intestate. This means your loved ones could suffer unnecessary financial hardship or additional distress.
9. By having made a will, the legal aspects of dealing with your affairs will be much easier, for all involved.
8. Without a will you’ll have no control over who inherits what. Your estate might not be shared as you would want it to be. Friends and unmarried partners definitely won’t receive anything. So if you want to make sure that your loved ones can benefit from your estate, then you’ll need to make a will.
7. By making a will, you can name the people or charities you want to benefit. This means that you know exactly how your estate will be divided in the event of your death.
6. If you’re a parent, then you’ll want to make a will to ensure that you say who you want to bring up your children if you die. Without a will, the courts could decide to appoint somebody else to bring up your children

2010 Year of the Tiger: Predictions for Each Sign

March 10, 2010

By fengshuiform

The year of the tiger

Rat—A great year for rats, this is a traveling year, a year of romance possibilities and a year of productivity. Rats, however, are cautioned this year not to speculate. If you are going to bet make sure your bets are hedged. You need to take time this year to create stronger relationships with those around you. Single rats have a strong possibility of love and marriage this year. But since rats can be workaholics it is important to take some time for social activities to allow love into your life. While this is a productive year results may not be so easy to see and this may make the Rat feel dissatisfied but know that there will be advancement, leadership responsibilities and rewards coming. Be very willing to change because Tiger years are years of change and the more willing you are to change the more success you will have. Rats need more exercise this year and more social time. Also Rats benefit from having Ox friends this year, this can be people born in the year of the Ox or pictures of Oxen displayed in the home.

Ox—For Oxen, this is a year to be cautious and calm. This is a year of reassessment. Oxen can lose their tempers very easily this year and fly into fits of rage so it is important to practice relaxation techniques and get to the heart of why the anger is there at all. This is a good health year for Oxen though they may have some sleep trouble in the middle of the year but this will pass. Try playing some ambient sounds such as ocean waves to help you relax. And physically you could benefit from exercises that make you more flexible. It is a mixed year financially and Oxen should be cautious when signing contracts. However this is a good year for business and it will be easy to find what you need for expansion at a discount. This year be patient in love relationships and you will be rewarded with loyalty and support. Being just a little bit social will bring new connections and for the single Oxen, new love. Oxen will benefit from their friendships with Rats this year or they may want to have a picture of a mouse or a mouse pendant to wear.

Tiger (or Cat)—Tigers, this is your year but before you go off celebrating there are still some things to keep in mind. Take care of your lungs this year, do yoga style breathing exercises and avoid doing things that may compromise lung function. This year may bring a new job or new role at work. This will bring opportunities to learn new things which Tigers love to do. Relationship energy starts slowly but builds throughout the year ending on a very positive note. But married Tigers are warned not to start arguments at home or they may find their belongings on the doorstep. Take your time before making big purchases this year, do lots of research before buying a house or land. You are lucky with money this year but long term purchases that are rushed into may turn sour in future years. Tigers will receive news from family and friends that cause celebrations. Overall Tigers will enjoy this year and it will be a good time to plant seeds for your future. Other Tigers are your friends this year, wear your tiger symbols proudly.   

Rabbit—Rabbits have a lucky year in 2010 and this is your romance year. It is time to get out and go to parties and social events. You never know who you are going to meet and where. Try to fill your social calendar and give people a chance to meet you. It’s a good year to have a change of scenery, so a trip or even a move would be beneficial. Rabbits need to be more vigilant about their finances this year or they may lose money out of carelessness. This could be from a poor investment or just a hole in your pocket so keep an eye on all aspects of your money. This is a good year for career except for a possible fight with a co-worker so try to keep your cool even if you are not happy with your workmates. Remember Rabbits are known for the diplomatic skills and you may have to use them more than once this year. This year may start out with challenges but it ends on a happy note. Strive for your goals and you will make a lot of headway. Dogs are your protection this year. So if you have a dog you are all set otherwise you may want to have pictures or statues of dogs in the home.

Dragon—This is a moderately lucky year for those born under the sign of Dragon. This is a traveling year and it would be very good to try a new destination for a holiday this year. This is a year for career advancement even if that involves a job change. The steps you took last year are going to pay off this year. Be persistent in your job hunt and you will be rewarded with a very good position. If you own your own business be persistent with the marketing and the new customers will find you. Aim high this year and don’t underestimate your abilities. This is a good year to stick to a budget and pay down debt. This is also the year to stick to a healthy eating plan. Romance has strong possibilities this year if you focus on finding someone who treats you well rather than thinking about what you need to change for them. You show changes at home, someone may be moving out or someone moving in. Rooster energy is good for you this year. You may want to add a rooster picture or statue to your kitchen for good luck.

Snake—This is the year of tiny irritations, usually slow and steady wins the race but not in a Tiger year and so this energy is rather irritating to the meditative and peaceful snake. Work is changing and even your workplace or work area needs some change and so look for new routines and schedules to be coming in 2010. It will also be hard to stay on a budget this year when some unexpected expenditures come up. It would be wise to conserve and reuse whenever possible and save up an emergency fund in case the hot water heater goes or a great business opportunities arises. A vacation is still possible this year and best if you choose a destination you have never been before. On the plus side, people will listen to your advice this year and that warms the heart of the wise old snake. If there is clutter in the house it should be gone through and organized so that what is useful can be determined and put in a place for easy access. This year you have lots of love opportunities, some wanted and some unexpected. You are popular but so popular that sometimes it will make you want to hide out at home. The Monkey is your protection this year and you may want to get a little stuffed monkey to place in the bedroom to attract some rest, relaxation and fun.

Horse – This will be a rocky year filled with high highs and low lows. Balance will be the chief goal this year. Why jump in with all four feet when you can move in with caution and make sure the ground is level and solid? It may seem like people are trying to hold you back and as a horse you may try to power on through but heed the signs. If friends are cautioning you to slow down they probably have a good reason. By the time we get to the second half of the year you will see some positive results of being cautions. If you want to pay down debt second jobs and extra work opportunities will be available for you to pick up some extra cash. Be careful of extravagant spending even if you have extra money coming in. Relationships are steady and the unattached Horse will find some possible love interests. Horses need to take care this year to avoid arguments as these could set up blocks in the relationship that could last all year. On the other hand, some opportunities that you thought were closed to you will open this year giving you another chance to consider them. The Ram protects you this year so having something made of lamb’s wool or a picture of a ram can help protect you this year.

Ram (or Goat or Sheep)—Rams will be happy that 2009 is over and happier still to find out that 2010 could be a great financial and career year. Projects that you have been working hard on are finally going to pay off. This is a great time to improve your computer and technology skills because they will become very handy in the months to come. But technology is not the only subject you would benefit from, any study from public speaking to learning a language to improving your online social networking skills will bring you big rewards. It looks like you may make some big purchases this year. Think carefully about each purchase and choose wisely but this is a good year to add things that make your life better. That being said this year it may be best to take classes on finance or seek professional financial advice to get yourself on track for your long term future. This year you will be more of a homebody, travel is not featured for you this year. But not to worry, you will find many creative projects to do at home. This is a romance year for you too. For single Rams love opportunities abound but there are also opportunities for married Rams too so use caution and think before you leap into a short term relationship that may disrupt a long term marriage. Horses bring you protection this year. Consider taking horseback riding lessons or adding a horseshoe over your garage door for luck (remember to have it pointing up like a “U”).

Monkey—Monkeys may travel a lot this year and have the potential to move or change jobs. This is a difficult year but Monkeys are smart and you know where the trouble comes from. Meet those challenges head on. If your job seems unstable then get to networking and shine up your resume, if finances are the weak area then get on a budget, if health is not to par then start an exercise program or research alternative care for your health issues, etc. You may find a lot of changes at work; new people to work with and new procedures, Monkeys are known for their great people skills so this should pose no problem for you. This year it’s important to be very careful with your finances. Shred personal information before putting it in the trash and monitor your credit card statements for mistakes or fraudulent charges and avoid borrowing money at high interest rates. And some regular exercise would help a lot this year to improve your mood and your energy level. The energy around you, especially financially improves a lot in the second half of the year. The Pig is your protection this year. Carry a pig or boar talisman or get a little stuffed pig to protect yourself from the Tiger stealing your energy.

Rooster—This is a lucky year in most aspects but health will be a focus and so it is important to take steps that you may have been putting off about diet, exercise, and managing stress. Aside from health, Roosters will have a lot of success in 2010. This year you will find bosses who respect you and clients/customers who like you. Promotions should be pretty easy to get if you want them. Or if you own your own business consider expanding this year. This year it will be helpful to get closer to your family through working on projects together and spending free time with one another. Your family can be a great support to you this year. Romance is also featured and single Roosters could find true love if they don’t block themselves with their own stubbornness. Ask yourself if you would rather be right or would you rather be happy. Married Roosters also have opportunities for love but these could end up to be a ‘fatal attraction’ right out of the movies so beware. Roosters are protected this year by the Dragon. Consider wearing a dragon pendant or having a dragon statue in the living room of the house.

Dog—This is a lucky year for dog with respect to love and money but health is showing weakness and needs your attention. It is time to put yourself first and give yourself a diet and exercise plan you can live with. If health is not looked after then it will feel like a difficult year. It is ok to change jobs or expand a business this year but there will be challenges. And it’s not a great year for large investments so be cautious about buying real estate. Dogs that will have the most success when they embrace their creative side and find ways to incorporate creativity into their career. There are opportunities for long distance travel for career and pleasure. You may find yourself a bit clumsy this year so avoid extreme sports because you may land on your head rather than your feet. Relationships come slowly but they do come. Allow love to come to you rather than pursuing it. This year common sense will be more useful that book learning. Instead of taking another class or reading another book think about all the things you already know and apply that information to your problem. The Rabbit is your protector this year. You can have a stuffed bunny or a picture of a rabbit in family room of the home. A rabbit’s foot is not recommended for good luck.

Pig (or Boar)—This is a more difficult year for Pigs especially in the area of legal agreements and contracts. Be very careful when you sign something, take the time to read and understand before committing yourself. The agreement may be for a house, a car, or a service another is providing you but in all cases read the fine print and protect yourself. And don’t lend money that you want to get back. The beginning and the end of the year will be better than the Summer. Summertime shows difficulties with finances due to recklessness. Think things through before doing them and watch others around you who have access to your private information. Do all things in moderation and you will be fine. Romance comes slowly but a faithful partner will be the reward. Be choosy and you will end up happy. Health is good in 2010 but don’t take that as a license to eat fast food everyday. Even though this is a harder year consider it part of the climb to the mountain top. In the future you will be at the top and have the great view but for this year the focus is on the climb. So look for opportunities and apply yourself. The benefits may not be visible this year but you will be showered with them later. The Tiger can protect you and give you energy to get through this year. You can wear a tiger pendant or have a picture of a tiger in your home office or near your front door.

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