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WIC Travel – Melbourne part 2

March 12, 2010

You may have read our last blog from Kylie De Clase from Terronova she highlighted some great night life experience from bars to restaurants this time she has focused on day time activities for our series:

Best of Melbourne

Kids Activities

Melbourne Zoo’s – Melbourne has three Zoo’s.

  1. Werribee range Zoo – which is safari style theme park.

    Red Kangaroos @ The Melbourne Zoo

  2. Hillsville Sanctuary – Dedicated to Australian Wild life
  3. Melbourne Zoo – The cities Main zoo located in Parkville.
  4. Melbourne  Aquarium –  The award winning Aquarium is located in the CDB.

Although they are very different I would recommend Melbourne Zoo; although it is the world’s third oldest Zoo the exhibits are large, animal and viewer friendly. During the warmer months the Zoo is open at twilight with each night showcasing a number of bands and singers.


Melbourne is Australia’s fashion capital, with the city home to many of the Countries top designers.  The cities shopping caters for all needs, sizes and budgets.

Young Australian Talent – Melbourne has produced some world class young designers over the past few years.  If your after a unique piece you should down to Little Collin’s street in the CDB and Chapel Street, Prahran.

Kylie shopping in the heart of Melbourne

Budget Shopping – DFO (Direct Factory Outlets) are greatly popular around Melbourne, the shopping malls have over 100 stores of just factory outlets.  I can recommend the Essendon DFO as the better of the outlets.  The Essendon Mall is convenitly located only 5 minutes from Melbourne Airport and it is often filled with luggage towing shoppers hunting for last minute bargains.  Along with brands like Guess, Ralph Lauren, Orton, Saba and Olga Berg I would recommend  checking out Ginger tree for one off’s and samples for a quarter of the price.

Vintage –  Brunswick Street, Fitzroy is the home of Melbourne’s ‘alternative’ lifestyle scene and is the home of one of the cities best genuine Vintage stores; Shag (377 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, VIC, 3065) stocks imported clothing and accessories from the U.S, Canada and Europe


Finding Your Spring Wardrobe

March 9, 2010

Spring Tips with Helen Marie

Helen from Inspirare Image Consultancy has given us her tips on what Spring will bring!

There is so much choice this season, so whether you are a dressy girl or laid back pant kinda chick check out some staples you should include in your wardrobe this season.

Dresses stay feminine but also go to exotic depending on the print (optical, tribal, bold), layers of ruffles, and fabrics. Dresses are belted at the waist or draped to accentuate a woman’s curves.
Another way to go would be the shirtwaist utilitarian khaki cotton dress or shirtdresses in crisp white.

Although mini skirts will be popular this season, find an appropriate length for you, maybe in a modern pencil skirt. These can are around in fun prints, solid black or soft pastels. They are great to pair with a tucked in collared shirt or a ruffled blouse, try a narrow belt to finish the look.

Military styled jackets in khaki or olive green are a hit with jeans or even white denim straight leg pants. Boyfriend jackets return for spring – team them with wedges for a more feminine look. Collarless jackets are very ladylike and great layered with longer blouses underneath and cropped tailored jackets look great over long tees.

Sexy hotpants are in but who should be in them is the question. There are also the longer, fuller, billowy shorts that look like they belong in a Huckleberry Fin play. This piece is hard to pull off in real life. If shorts aren’t your thing, look into a skirt or cropped pant.

Pleated tapered cropped trousers can be found in natural colors as well as wild prints. Looser pants are making headway on the runway as the skinny look starts to fade. But wait! There’s the legging! Leggings are a big trend but wear them properly. They can be worn under skirts or dresses. Do not wear them as if they were pants.

Find blouses in your favorite prints and pair with solid basic bottoms. Tops in billowy sheer fabrics are best layered with t-shirts. Ruffles and bows cascade down the bodice of blouses in prints and solid colors.

Style Tips for February

February 11, 2010

Its warming up, and spring is just around the corner.

Here are a few of the top fashion trends for spring 2010

Colour: soft neutrals are making a big entrance with pink champagne, light pewter, and warm beige as your season’s must-haves. Bolder choices in colour include coral, sunflower yellow, purple, teal, turquoise and lime green.

Fabric and texture: romance returns with soft layers, ruffles, feathers, vintage lace and see-through fabrics. These textures add a feminine feel to your wardrobe whether in clusters of tulle blooms on a dress or a sheer lace top with ruffling details. Beware of the ruffles and lace that they are overpowering you and be sure the size of them matches your own personal scale. Mix the flirtatious with classic pieces.

Prints: Prints this season move away from the soft florals and instead draw attention with loud, eye-catching florals. Tie-dyes are back (Yikes), tropical, and tribal prints. Theses outfits will draw attention but maybe an easier way to experiment with the wild prints this season is to put it in a smaller item. Think about adding a tribal print in your sandals or in the large floral print in a summer tote.

Jewellery: it’s big and bold, when it’s this size less is more, enjoy the drama of large scale but keep it simple. And if large scale is not your style, but you want to be on trend, go medium size with a floral pattern; this will look a little less bold.

Handbags: dare I say it …… downsize!!! Handbags are smaller this season playing the role of enhancing artwork to your look. If this thought fills you with dread of giving up your ‘suitcase’ opt for a floral or light coloured large bag so it’s prettier and looks less obvious.

Can I  help you make these trends work for your own personal sense of style? Check out, or give me a call!

Stylishly yours,

Helen Marie x

Inspirare Image Consultancy

New Year Style Tips – classy essentials

January 6, 2010

classy essentialsFive Stylish Essentials every man and woman should have in 2010.

1. A great well designed hairstyle.

2. A pair of good quality sunglasses be sure to choose frames that suit your face shape.

3. A well cut, fitted suit suitable for all occasions.

4. A cashmere sweater, in a colour that suits your own personal colourings and personality. Particularly elegant for men!

5. A bag that doesn’t hold the kitchen sink!  Big isn’t always best.

“Fashion fades, style is eternal” ….. Yves Saint Laurent

Make this the year to find your own personal sense of style.

Helen Marie

Inspirare Image Consultancy