Women in Charge is an exclusive women’s only network for you to tap into for inspiration, motivation, for pride and for pure delight.

Enjoy the luxury of our team of professionals to help you get the fundamental tools and sharpen your skills by engaging in one of our many, workshops, seminars, outings and events.  Women in Charge provides a fine balance of one on one intensity and camaraderie and peer support in our small group training.  It is a structured, learn by doing environment, ensuring that you gain the fundamental tools and ignite the desire to live your best life.

Women in Charge is a fresh new way to fuel your body, inspire your mind and expand your limits, and leave you wanting more.

Join now online and be part of this elite group of Women in Charge.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to join WIC?
It depends on what type of membership you are requiring; please see our website for details about membership types and  fees.

How much do I pay for the monthly networking events?
Once you have become a member the cover charge to both the ‘Business Brainstorm” and the “Let’s get together” monthly events will be of no cost unless specified. The only costs will be the cover of any drinks or food ordered at the venue unless specified.

How much do I pay as a non member to the networking events?
The cost for the cover charge for non members for  both the “Business Brainstorm” and “Let’s get together” is only $100 (unless otherwise specified). The only costs will be the cover of any drinks or food ordered at the venue.

As a member how much do I pay for the workshops are they free?
All members will receive a reduced rate at the workshops the cost will depend on the workshop.

What membership will benefit me?

A Corporate membership is ideal for who want to expand their network in the community. It includes membership priviledges for up to 3 individuals, 100% discount on all fees & courses, 1 full page infomercial in the Newsletter, 1 x 1/8th page advert every quarter in the Newsletter and Full access to the WiC database, through WiC.

If you would like to reap the rewards and attend both the “Investors In Training” and both the monthly networking events then the Platinum membership will most definitely benefit you or if you are starting up a business, entering the workforce or if you have already established a business and you are ready to grow.

If you want to attend some of the workshops, become a presenter or want to start up your own business then the Gold membership might be better suited to your needs.

Signing up to better yourself and have a little fun – then the Standard membership is all that you need.

How long does my membership last?
It lasts 12 months from the date of issue.

How do I know when my annual membership has expired?
You will be sent a renewal notice up to 30 days before your membership expires to remind you to send payment should you wish to renew.

What do I do if I decide to renew my membership?
Simply send payment to the person who has sent your renewal notice to you and your membership will be seamless continuing to the next year.

What do I do if I decide not to renew?
Simply let us know and we will delete you from our records.

How do I make payment?
You can pay by cheque addressed to Women In Charge LTD and sent to 6F Greenbelt Court
Discovery Bay, HK or by cash or bank transfer – contact WIC  for more details.

How do I become a guest speaker?

You need to email WIC with your request, not all submission are approved it will depend on the demand of the market.

Do I have to be a member to be a guest speaker?
You do not have to be a member to be a speaker at any of our networking events, but you do if you would like to be a presenter.

How do I become a presenter?

Once you become a member you may contact WIC to discuss in more detail.


3 Responses to “Members”

  1. sytske kimman Says:

    Heard about your initiative today whilst searching for a good and reliable webmaster for maintenance and brianstorming.

  2. SEO Says:

    Hi, good post. I look forward to your next topic. Thank you, Zoe

  3. Deborah Dewey Says:

    I am interested in joining up with WIC, but unsure which membership to do as skim read your site tonight.

    Either email back or you may directly call me on 62087321.

    Also, I would like to Join up for the Money Management 6 month seminars with Brad, if a place is available.
    Can you please let me know the dates and the venue where this will take place and time.

    Your site looks great btw, and I look forward to coming to one of your events in the near future, as have been receiving your Newsletter for a few months now.
    Are you based only in DB or HK island too when you do events, seminars, etc.
    Will try and look at your site in more detail this weekend too.


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