Gold Sponsor

Gold Plus Sponsorship

For sponsors not currently living or operating out of Discovery Bay, Hong Kong. This membership entitles you to an advertising opportunity you would probably not otherwise have access to.

Online Business Directory

This membership includes a 4 line black and white text only inclusion in our online Business Directory.


By offering a minimum of 5% discount on your product or services, you are provided an exclusive personalized marketing opportunity to our member base.

Media coverage

As a sponsor, there are several opportunities to expose your brand, online, at events or in print. There will be special Women in Charge full page ads according to themes to giving you a special preferred sponsor discounted rate.

Booth in our Trade expos and Annual Convention

You would be entitled to a free booth in our Women In Charge Exclusive Events and discounted invitations to our various Trade Expos and Annual Convention to showcase your products and services in a fun atmosphere.

PR Kits

As a Gold Plus member you are provided advertising through logo placements in our flyers, newsletters and in our PR Kits we hand out at our various events.

Apply now for your new membership. Download the application form (pdf), fill it mail it to us at:

Women in Charge Ltd, 14F Greenmont Court, Discovery Bay, Lantau, Hong Kong.

After your application is processed, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. Your New Member Welcome Package, including your membership card and payment receipt will be mailed to you.


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