Transition to Work

IllanaMThumb2Led by Career Coach Illana McKinstry, Transition to Work (TTW) is designed specifically for women who have placed their work on hold while they are looking after their own children and those who have followed their spouse to Hong Kong, leaving their own career behind. Illana will show you how to get back to work! For further info, click here.

Financial Education – Investors in Training

Brad ErasmusA course of 6 practical, hands-on, two-hour sessions led by Women’s Wealth Coach, Brad Erasmus. The purpose of this ground-breaking teaching is to assist and educate students as to what the stock market is, how to buy property, how to start their own businesses, and how to better take control of their financial futures. For further info, click here.

Third Culture Kids: Growing up away from home

GudrundThumbFamily life is a complex unit of new and routine activities, friends, family, school. Imagine uprooting this system  and relocating it to a completely new environment. In this 2-hour workshop, Gudrun Kittle-Thong shows you how to make transitions easier. For further info, click here.

 WIC Tours and Social Club Gatherings

CecilethumbOrientation tours, shopping trips, island hopping, trail walking, temple trips, flower markets, jade markets,  Bird Street, Cat Street,  up the Peak, across the Harbour — we’ve got it all! Grab your comfy walking shoes and join WIC’s happy wandering tour guide Cecile Thomas from Double Faces as she explores the wonders of Hong Kong and its amazing islands. For further info, click here.

Booking & Details

For booking and more details about WIC Workshops email us here.


3 Responses to “Workshops”

  1. lafata Says:

    wow! love the new website!

  2. skywalker Says:

    I think this is a valuable contribution to life in DB. Well Done

  3. Julie Lewis Says:

    I wouold love more details on the brand positioning workshops – and how I can become part of your presenter team offering workshops/ avdenture retreats and challenges for women !


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