Investors in Training


This is a very practical course run over a 2-hour period led by Women’s Wealth coach Brad Erasmus.

The purpose of this ground-breaking teaching is to assist and educate attendees as to what the stock market is, how it works, and how it can be used to take control of their investing futures.

  • Participants will start by discovering their own personal basic investment risk appetite.
  • They will then have all their questions about the stock market answered, such as:
    What is an index, and what can I learn from it? What are Exchange Traded Funds, and how can I use them? How do I buy and sell? What should I buy and sell? When do I buy and sell?
  • At all times, this training will be done within the framework of Poor Brad Rich Brad’s 10 Crucial Steps to Financial Freedom & Security, which are:
    1. Understanding your own personal Financial Blueprint
    2. Understanding your current financial position
    3. Having a Last Will & Testament
    4. Having sufficient Life and Critical Illness Insurance
    5. Having sufficient Health & Medical Insurance
    6. Having sufficient Retirement & Pension accounts
    7. Owning property
    8. Have enough, but not too much, Savings
    9. Investing in shares, unit trusts and the MPF
    10. Setting up Multiple Streams of Income

The course is designed to give attendees the understanding and confidence to immediately start investing in a safe and controlled manner which beats inflation in the long term. This is how true wealth is created.

We do hope you can clearly see the benefits of this direct and practical course.


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